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2 Sets Isolator Shoes & Caps

Eight shoes and eight caps (supports two components)
Sales price: $38.49
Manufacturer: Quiescent Systems

Record Player Vibration IsolatorSet of 8 Vibration Isolator Shoes and 8 Caps
(supports two components)

By using the Quiescent Systems shoes you not only isolate the shelf or component finish from the adverse chemical effects of contact with Sorbothane but you get the advantage of improved isolation. Quiescent Systems shoes are designed to enhance the performance of a wide range of isolation products.

The Quiescent Systems Shoes are 2 ½ inches (6.35cm) in diameter. The top is acrylic and the bottom is industrial vibration absorption graded blended felt. By placing the Quiescent Systems Shoe on the shelf (or bottom component) and then placing the isolation product on top of the Quiescent Systems Shoe you get the following advantages.

1) Protection of the shelf / bottom component from chemical stains

2) Quiescent Systems Shoes enhance the Isolation device effectiveness

3) Vibrapod users may wish to use the Quiescent System Caps to support components with small diameter feet.

Below is a brief list of isolation devices that work with the Quiescent System Shoe. This list is by no means comprehensive, many other isolation devices also benefit from use with the Quiescent Systems Shoe. Always insure that the isolator or component foot diameter is 2 ½ inches (6.35 cm) or less so that it fits on the Quiescent Systems Shoe.

  • Audio Selections (check size)
  • Audio Technica Isolators AT6091
  • Audioquest Q foot
  • Aurios Media Isolation Bearings
  • Black Diamond Racing Cones
  • Bright Star Audio Isonodes (all sizes)
  • Daruma IIIi Ball Bearing Isolators
  • DH Cones (All Sizes)
  • First Impression Music Iso Bearings
  • ISOcone Isolators
  • ISOLATEIT (hemispheres and washers)
  • Bright Star Audio Isonodes (all sizes)
  • Marigo Signature Gem Feet
  • Nordost Sort Kone and Sort Füt
  • Stillpoints (Delrin Hard Hat check for others)
  • Vibrapods (with and without cones)