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Arcam CD73 (Diva) Isolators (2008)

Isolation kit designed for the Arcam CD73 (Diva).
Sales price: $79.99
Manufacturer: Quiescent Systems

The Arcam CD73 was a great CD player from the 2000's. One of the products of the Diva line the CD73 weights just over 10lbs (4.6kg) and has an interesting weight distribution. The right front foot (power switch side) carries about twice the weight of the rigth rear foot. Again this validates the Quiescent Systems approach to product specific foot design. You can get the users guide from Arcam at this link . Our testunit was from 2008.

Remember that if you stack components the Arcam would need to be on top to use these feet. If the Arcam is going to have a component placed on its top then you may want a set of our shoes and not this isolation kit.

Please note that the product photograph is representitive and may not be a photo of the actual product.